Alive! Workshop

Alive! is an 8 week worship and ministry workshop where participants dedicate two hours, once a week to go deeper into the heart of worship.

MINISTRY OBJECTIVE: You will be trained to reflect the dignity of Christ and unleash the power of God in praise and worship. Topics that will be discussed are as followed:

SESSION 1             Biblical Foundations of Praise and Worship I 
SESSION 2             Biblical Foundations of Praise and Worship II 
SESSION 3             24/7 (Lifestyle of a Worshiper)
SESSION 4             Prophetic Praise and Worship 
SESSION 5            Jesus, the Center of Everything 
SESSION 6             Understanding the Value of my Call 
SESSION 7             Song selection for Worship 
SESSION 8             Learning to Work as a Team

MUSIC OBJECTIVE: Gain an hands-on training and experience on how to work as a team, flow spontaneously, and learn to integrate prayer and scripture into worship sets. Training for the following are available for those who are interested in learning an instrument:

• Drums
• Electric and Acoustic Guitar
• Piano
• Bass
• Sound Engineering 

Applicants taking this workshop should meet the following requirements:
–          Deliver registration form
–          Having the authorization of the Pastor and deliver a pastoral letter of recommendation signed.  (You can send it to [email protected])