Hello! We are so glad you are interested in wanting to know more about Philadelphia House of Prayer. Whether you want more information, are interested in workshops, missions trips, internships, or volunteering, we are here to help answer any of your questions! Feel free to reach out to us in the forms below!

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Sure, just fill out your name and how we can help you and we will get back with you!

I am interested in the Alive! Training Workshop!

Awesome! We would love to have you join our workshop, please fill out the application at the link below!

I would like to be a musician, singer, or intercessor in the Prayer Room!

Thank you for your willing heart to volunteer at Philadelphia House of Prayer. Can you give us a few details on your availability and interests?

I am interested in your internship program or short-term mission trips.

Sure! We currently offering two – three month internships in January (Jan-Mar) and in July (Jul-Sept). We also offer short-term Intensives (one week) during the summer months during the month of July. If you and your team are interested in serving during another time, just let us know and we can work on putting a plan together!

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